Re: Recall command

From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 07/13/94

> > I am thinking of making a recall command for my mud, once Circle 3.0
> > is out.  Is there any problems with a recall command, game balance wise?
> I think I will make a 'recall' command for 3.0, but have it only work
> if free_rent is on.  As many can tell you, if free rent is on you can
> get a recall by just quitting and un-renting, anyway.
> -JE
Hey Jeremy... with respect to free_rent.. would it be too much trouble to 
limit "free renting" to a specific zone? For example, you can only 
save/quit in, say, Midgaard. Also, when you do that, it'll remember your 
room number, and record that in your pfile. Any comments?


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