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From: Michael G. Jones (
Date: 07/17/94

> This lead us to consider adding some code that would prevent someone 
> gaining more than a certain percentage of the experience needed to 
> level.  For example...let's say Krk, level 40, groups with newbie, Jint.  
> Krk takes Jint to fight Judge Dredd.  Dredd is worth 3 mil exp alone, so 
> each person gets 1.5 mil exp.  Now, for Krk, that's fine.  He needs lots 
> of exp to level, however, this causes Krk to jump like 15 levels.  Now, 
> should this be allowed, or should I discourage this?

I say hell ya!  This is like letting a newbie get XP for just watching a

I've seen multiple ways of dealing with this, including only allowing 
characters within 4 levels of the leader to group, but this method I
didn't really like.

The mud I used to run used a combination of a weighted % and a max gain.
The weighted % means that the highest level char will get a full percentage
of his/her kill, whereas if a level 1 is grouped with a level 50 they
would get a much smaller percentage, so as where Krk would get his 1.5 mill
experience, Jint might get a few thousand.  The max gain just sets a limit
to how much any player can earn in one kill, which, for most levels was
1/10 of the difference between their current level and the next (1/5 for

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