Exp gain

From: Mud Administrator (absolut@b63740.student.cwru.edu)
Date: 07/18/94

I was thinking of making a small addition to the gain_exp code, but 
wanted some input first.

We have 50 mortal levels on AbsolutMUD, and mobs that reach up to 51 
level.  This, of course, means that they have lots of experience points.  
This lead us to consider adding some code that would prevent someone 
gaining more than a certain percentage of the experience needed to 
level.  For example...let's say Krk, level 40, groups with newbie, Jint.  
Krk takes Jint to fight Judge Dredd.  Dredd is worth 3 mil exp alone, so 
each person gets 1.5 mil exp.  Now, for Krk, that's fine.  He needs lots 
of exp to level, however, this causes Krk to jump like 15 levels.  Now, 
should this be allowed, or should I discourage this?

I know when I was a newbie on MUDs, I loved to get taken around by the 
higher level characters to get levels, but hated it when I would work 
really hard to get some levels, then some newbie punk comes on and groups 
with a high level PC and instantly has more levels than I do.

I figure I could make it so that you can't double your exp, but that's 
not too fair for lower level characters, so I could just make it so that 
you can't gain more than 50% more than what you need to level (hopefully 
you could follow my "logic").

Any ideas/comments?


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