Re: alignment change algorithm?

From: VampLestat (
Date: 07/21/94

On Thu, 21 Jul 1994, Stephen Wang wrote:

> >What do you think of this: When you kill a moster of alignment N, you move
> >15% of the way from your current alignment to an alignment of -N.

Sounds much better than the older version, though I do like the 
suggestion that the level diff between you and the mob be included as 
well.  I think it just fits that a 30th level Grand Knight will not be as 
affected as a 1st level Newbie when killing a 30th level Black Knight.  
All IMHO though.

> >Also, I want to change 'score' to give you a textual rather than numeric
> >indication of your alignment, i.e.:

I'd doen this by swiping the entries originally from Merc code.

         if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) >  900 ) strcat(buf, "  You are angelic.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) >  700 ) strcat(buf, "  You are saintly.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) >  350 ) strcat(buf, "  You are good.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) >  100 ) strcat(buf, "  You are kind.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) > -100 ) strcat(buf, "  You are neutral.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) > -350 ) strcat(buf, "  You are mean.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) > -700 ) strcat(buf, "  You are evil.\n\r");
    else if ( GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) > -900 ) strcat(buf, "  You are demonic.\n\r");
    else                                 strcat(buf, "  You are satanic.\n\r");

Short messages are a "good thing" from a player point of view.  I cant 
recall all the times I've substituted a shorter message for a longer one 
with tintin.  Also possibly making actual values slightly randomized 
might be cool, to prevent people from substitiuting in the actual values.

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