Re: alignment change algorithm?

From: Stephen Wang (au043@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Date: 07/21/94

>What do you think of this: When you kill a moster of alignment N, you move
>15% of the way from your current alignment to an alignment of -N.

	Sounds reasonable...  Maybe play around with the figure (10-20%ish...)
Just test it out, and see what happens.

>Also, I want to change 'score' to give you a textual rather than numeric
>indication of your alignment, i.e.:

	Great, but some of them are kind of clumsy... Here's my suggestions:

>-1000 to -850	You are supremely evil.
>-850 to -650	You are very evil.
>-650 to -550	You are evil.
>-550 to -350	You are becoming evil.
>-350 to -150	You are neutral, with evil tendencies.
>+150 to -150	You are neutral.
>+150 to +350	You are neutral, with good tendencies.
>+350 to +550	You are approaching good.
>+550 to +650	You are good.
>+650 to +850	You are very good.
>+850 to +1000	You are supremely good.

	I must admit, it is hard to think of what to put... maybe others have
some better ideas.


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