Re: alignment change algorithm?

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 07/21/94

The text for alignment (displayed by `score') sounds pretty good.
For the alignment change, though....
  As usual, this is just a thought of the top of my head, but how
  about throwing in some component regarding the level of the mob
  relative to the PC's level?  Something along the lines of this:
   kill a mob of align N, and you move 2*ratio% towards an align
   of -N, where ratio is the mob's level over your own.  That 2
   is kind of an arbitrary choice, and would vary depending on
   the maximum possible value of `ratio'.

  Justification (maybe):  Say you have wimpy little black cats in
  the main town that are pretty evil.  For a level 1 character,
  killing these cats would be a make them somewhat good. On the
  other hand, would a level 25 player's alignment change just as
  much for killing the same cat?  The formula I gave may not be
  best, but such a system (however it was imped) would create
  something of a `karmic inertia'...  the farther on you get in
  life, the more established your karma becomes, and the more
  drastic feats must be to change it.

Did that make sense at all? ;)
-Mathue Moyer

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