Re: alignment change algorithm?

From: Robert A. Vegas (
Date: 07/21/94

On Thu, 21 Jul 1994, Mathue Moyer wrote:

> The text for alignment (displayed by `score') sounds pretty good.
> For the alignment change, though....
>   As usual, this is just a thought of the top of my head, but how
>   about throwing in some component regarding the level of the mob
>   relative to the PC's level?  Something along the lines of this:
>    kill a mob of align N, and you move 2*ratio% towards an align
>    of -N, where ratio is the mob's level over your own.  That 2
>    is kind of an arbitrary choice, and would vary depending on
>    the maximum possible value of `ratio'.
> Did that make sense at all? ;)
> -- 
> -Mathue Moyer
That makes a helluva lot better sense to me. Not bad at all...

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