Re: zone problems

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/26/94

> You may have already received an answer to this, but the reason a zone 
> will crash on reset is almost ALWAYS the result of a door being coded the 
> wrong way in that zone. It's hell to find out which one, let me tell you.
> Questor of StrangeMUD, who has had to spend 2 hours before searching for 
> the offending D <room number> <exit> <flag>... :)
> 9332

What is it that causes the crash, exactly?  A 'D' statement on a door
that doesn't exist?  I'm wondering because much of Circle is designed
specifically to prevent these run-time crashes (i.e. all of the "attempt
to equip non-existant mob" messages, etc.), and I'd like to add checking
for that too.

(I should probably know what causes those 'D' crashes, but it's been 
so darn long since I've actually seen one personally.. ;-))


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