Re: Where to put player houses, and ideas

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/26/94

> Since I am idle between crises, I think I will torture you guys with
> this: ;-)
> 1:  Where is the best place to locate player houses once Circ3 is out?

I had planned on creating a little 'neighborhood' of virtually identical
houses (sans a "house number" or something); I suppose, with OLC, they
could be tailored to the player for an additional fee.

> Ability for the mud to receive RFC 1413 protocol (where if there is
> a daemon called ident on the remote machine, the name of the user
> is send over and logged)

I actually started to write this but stopped; it is not hard to code,
certainly but the problem is that it is activated every time someone logs
in and could lag the mud.  One day, I tried manually connecting to the ID
server of the machines of 5 or 10 people who were logged in to the test
port at the time, and none of them had id servers running.. so, I figure
the time is not yet right to add support.

Or maybe I'm just rationalizing ;).

But, in any case, I'd like to eventually move both gethostbyname() and
a possible call to an ID server out of the main server and into an aux.
module so that the MUD is not lagged by slow nameservers or networks.

> and now the killer wish:

Hm.. perhaps, some time in the future, we'll move from a vnum system to a
"zonenum:vnum" system (kind of like segment:offset in memory management);
that way, each zone will have its own set of independent vnums which don't
collide with each other.


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