Where to put player houses, and ideas

From: Douglas R. Floyd (dfloyd@paris.eng.utsa.edu)
Date: 07/26/94

Since I am idle between crises, I think I will torture you guys with
this: ;-)

1:  Where is the best place to locate player houses once Circ3 is out?

Should players be allowed to choose where they should be located, or should
a "neighborhood" be created specifically for the houses?

And some ideas off the top of my head:

Gate spell -- it creates a portal that anyone can enter, and mobs can
be pushed through.. lasts for several ticks, and disappears.  One must
make sure that mobs are not pushed to safe areas.  (Meat mud has this)

Ability for the mud to receive RFC 1413 protocol (where if there is
a daemon called ident on the remote machine, the name of the user
is send over and logged)

and now the killer wish:


Instead of having to worry about vnum conflicts, et al, have all areas
be assigned vnums on the fly as they are loaded or created.  There
would be no problems with conflicts.  The main problem will be having to
find the mob's vnum and load it, rather than just load XXXX for say an orc.

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