Re: Where to put player houses, and ideas

From: VampLestat (
Date: 07/26/94

On Tue, 26 Jul 1994, Douglas R. Floyd wrote:

> 1:  Where is the best place to locate player houses once Circ3 is out?

I'd say simply creat an area of the town for the high class residents to 
live and slowly divy out houses as players pay for them.  I think players 
should simply be able to choose fom existing houses in this area and then 
possibly pay for customization.

> Gate spell -- it creates a portal that anyone can enter, and mobs can
> be pushed through.. lasts for several ticks, and disappears.  One must
> make sure that mobs are not pushed to safe areas.  (Meat mud has this)

how do you go about declaring the area it gates to, or is it random?  If 
its random is it basically another version of teleport that last longer?  
If its to a set room, how do you determine which room?

Interesting idea, but needs to me thought out.

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