Re: Player file corruption
Date: 07/26/94

> /* Used in char_file_u *DO*NOT*CHANGE* */
> char_file_u is the structure used to create the playerfile.  If you change
> that structure or any of its components, the size of each record will change
> and you won't be able to read your old playerfile.  The Circle code can
> generally detect when this has happened on bootup -- when the player index
> is being read, it should say "WARNING: PLAYERFILE IS PROBABLY CORRUPT!".

StrangeMUD has a conversion program built in to allow us to make any 
changes...the reasoning behind using a conversion routine? 1. if you are 
going to have any kind of real MUD, really, come on, shouldn't poofin and 
poofout and your title be saved? :) 

Point is, the only really worthwhile way to do it is to add strings to 
the code...and with a player base of about 400 (we have 722 registered),
I'm sure you can see the advantage to having a conversion routine. 

If any1 wants it, I'll be happy to have it supplied to you.

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