CircleMUD logo...

From: Anthony Spataro (
Date: 07/26/94

Alright, I've done a preliminary logo for Circle.  It's not my best work, 
and when I re-install Corel Draw tomorrow, I'll make a better one.  
Originally, I intended to have the words "Circle" and "Mud" bent into a 
circle, with a circle inside them and outside them, a la the Arm & Hammer 
logo, or countless other ones.  Perhaps a neat little picture or emblem 
inside.  However, since I didn't have any way to do text special effects 
(such as wrapping it into a circle), I designed this one, which features 
a large blue "C" that is almost a complete circle, and a slightly 
smaller, metallic-looking "M" between the gaps in the "C".  This is on a 
black background.  The border is light and dark cyan, arranged to look 
It is a 70x70, 16-color .GIF file, and looks best in 640x480 mode.  I'm 
going to ftp put it to /incoming at

                                            -My horse for a kingdom!

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