HexOnyx Mud

From: Brett M. Turner (brett@marble.bu.edu)
Date: 07/29/94

For those of you who visit other muds.. heres a note:
HexOnyx dikumud is now re-opened.  This mud was Five Worlds dikumud and 
Fourth Realm Mercmud.  It is currently running on marble.bu.edu 7777.
There are plans to move the mud to onyx.bu.edu 6000 once RAM is 
purchased for the site.  If you play the marble.bu.edu 7777 site your 
player-file will be moved to the new site.
** Limited Multi-classing.
** Meta-human forms.. Werewolves and Vampires.
** Many original areas and many redone standard areas.
** 24 hour/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.
** All new skills and equipment affects.
** Improved prompt system.
** No paying to rent.
** Many more game changes that are transparent to players.
If you played 5 Worlds/4th Realm you will feel at home here.  The same 
staff and many of the same players.  This mud is many of the things we 
tried in 4th Realms mud, only successful.  It has been 18 months in the 
making and nearly finished. 

    Brett M. Turner                                   brett@marble.bu.edu 
                Yaz  -- HexOnyx MUD -- marble.bu.edu 7777

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