Re: OS Question?

From: Gene Choi (genie@sting.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 08/01/94

> I am looking to start a MUD using 3.0.  I have an AST laptop (486SX25, 
> 4MB RAM, ABOUT 120+ MEGS FREE ON MY HD) would anyone suggest a good OS to 
> use?  I would use linux but people have told me, it is too slow, someone 
> else also mentioned FreeBSD.  Is circle compatible with FreeBSD?  Any 
> other comments or advice is greatly appreciated.

Sure things are slow with only 4 megs of ram.  Up it to 8 at least
to stop it from thrashing (in any of the free unixes).

I'd recommend using FreeBSD.  The BSD networking in these packages
are a lot more solid than linuxes.  Linux networking is still continously
being hacked, although its getting there slowly.

Don't get me wrong.  Linux is great.  I run it here at home myself.
But when running a net-intensive application, I'd prefer one of
the freeBSD's.

Zima zux!

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