Re: Linux and Circle

From: Michael G. Jones (
Date: 08/02/94

> Well, I finally got the Slackware version of linux working on my PC, now 
> I would like to put circle 2.2 on it and try it out.  BUT, before I waste 
> alot of time, Can I put up circle on a PC that is NOT hooked into a network?
> I have packets A AP D and N There is a ttelnet command....should I 
> ttelnet localhost 4000?  If anyone can help me so I can play/test it 

Yea, it'll work.  When you install the N series, just set your Linux network
as Loopback (it will ask you this when you start installing the network 
disks).  Then just "telnet 0 4000" to get to port 4000.  

When you eventually hook up to the dorm's ethernet, just rerun the network

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