This is the last one...I promise

From: Harold Marks (
Date: 08/02/94

This is my last linux related question....I promise.  You guys have been 
so helpful, I just gotta ask it.....  I know this is going to sound 
REALLY dumb, but then again I am REALLY dumb.  How do I get linux to read 
a drive or take in some info from the outside.  Here I have this awesome 
OS, and I can't figure out how to actually put circle 2.2 on it.  Also if 
you wouldn't mind, is there a communications program already installed on 
my linux system?  I would like to use it to call the net 
directly.....instead of calling with my DOS coimputer, I am on right now
PS: Since I am having such troubles with simple linux, I am really 
considering starting my own mud.  If any of you have an already coded mud 
that has no home, and can wait till September for me to get back to 
school.  I would be glad to set you up with a site...provided you make me 
IMP also :)
-Panama Red IS
PPS: OH yea, email me your proposals, I will get back to you ASAP

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