Re: This is the last one...I promise

From: Greg Gursky (
Date: 08/03/94

On Tue, 2 Aug 1994, Harold Marks wrote:

> This is my last linux related question....I promise.  You guys have been 
> so helpful, I just gotta ask it.....  I know this is going to sound 
> REALLY dumb, but then again I am REALLY dumb.  How do I get linux to read 
> a drive or take in some info from the outside.  Here I have this awesome 

If you just need to read a write from a MSDOS floppy use the mcopy, mdir, 
mdel, etc. commands.  If you want to get it from your hard drive, then 
you should run the SETUP program and there is a section specifically 
designed to allow you to mount your DOS drive.  It does all the work for 
you and afterwards, you can get anything right off your MSDOS drive just 
like its a directory on your Linux partition.  

I am on the assumption that you are using the Slackware distribution.  I 
never actually looked at the names of the people who have been discussing 
slackware so I assumed that it was you.  If not, you will find all the 
info you need in the HOWTOs at /pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO (I 


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