Re: This is the last one...I promise

From: Michael G. Jones (
Date: 08/02/94

> This is my last linux related question....I promise.  You guys have been 
> so helpful, I just gotta ask it.....  I know this is going to sound 
> REALLY dumb, but then again I am REALLY dumb.  How do I get linux to read 

FTP to and look in the pub/Linux/docs directory.  Take 
special note to the directory underneath that called HOWTO.  In the
docs hierarchy, you should find pretty much everything you need.

> a drive or take in some info from the outside.  Here I have this awesome 

One way is to mount it...check the man page for "mount".

> OS, and I can't figure out how to actually put circle 2.2 on it.  Also if 
> you wouldn't mind, is there a communications program already installed on 
> my linux system?  I would like to use it to call the net 

Minicom and Kermit should be on there...

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