wizard.c .. set level problem

From: Joe Rach (r6788@hopi.dtcc.edu)
Date: 08/04/94


  I resently had the problem of setting a player's level above LEVEL_IMPL on
my CircleMUD 2.20. To fix this problem, I added an else if statement to the
do_set function. I'm including my quick fix for convience. If this problem has
already been addressed, I'm sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

   case 34:
      if (GET_LEVEL(ch) < LEVEL_IMPL && value > GET_LEVEL(ch)) {
         send_to_char("You cannot raise someone above your own level!\n\r",
      else if (value > LEVEL_IMPL) {
         send_to_char("That is not a proper level!\n\r", ch);
      vict->player.level = (byte) value;

                           Thank you,
                           Joe Rach.

ps - Thank you Jeremy for the extremely solid and very portable code...

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