Re: Skills and so!! (fwd)]

From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 08/03/94

> (Ake Jonsson) writes:
>     > Now is my question: 	Is there anyone out there sitting on some kind of
>     > 			"step by step" guidlines for adding the extra
>     > 			skills, spells...... and so on?
>     Here's how I would add a skill:
>     1) Rewrite the SPELLO macro in spell_parser so that it accepts
>        arguments for thief and fighter minimum levels.  Then rewrite
>        all the SPELLOs with the new arguments.
>     2) Rewrite the guild code so that it uses the SPELLO minimum
>        levels for all classes, not just mages and clerics.
>     3) Add the skill number to the constants list (spell_parser.c?)
>     4) Add the skill code (my_mud.c)
>     5) Add the COMMANDO in interpreter.c
>     ADding a spell works the same way except that you end up adding
>     two functions, and you need to modify the parser a little.  And for
>     the "newbie" coders, I'm sure you'll find the code rewriting to be
>     an excellent introduction to Diku.
>     -Jeff

This is what I did.  I allowed all classes to have at least a shot at all the
skills/spells.  I mean, kicking is a basic skill.  ANYONE can kick, why 
should warrior have it only?  And some minor spells are ok for the 
warriors/thieves.  I never understood the point of only allowing a small 
number of skills to the warriors/thieves.


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