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Date: 08/04/94

>     >Not at all.  I'm not a warrior or a thief, and I can kick.
>     >
>     Aye... you certainly can.  And, if you are somewhat fortunate,
>     you might be able to hurt something by kicking it.  However,
>     without any formal training, it is unlikely (NOT impossible...
>     just unlikely) that you will be able to incorporate a kick
>     in your strategy during a fight with the skill, power, aim,
>     and finesse to cause damage to your opponent, especially if
>     that opponent has any kind of combat experience.  In fact,
>     if you are a person who spends most of his/her time studying
>     old dusty tomes, chances are you will fall on your butt (and
>     promptly get that butt kicked) if you try it.
>     I suppose my stance would be that any class should have the
>     ability to _attempt_ actions that, in their basest form, require
>     no particular training.  However, without training to increase
>     the effectiveness of such an action, there should be a HIGH
>     chance of such an attempt being unsuccessful, and possibly even
>     counter-productive.

This is true, so what we added was a max skill level.  That way skills 
for which the certain class was not designed (spells for warriors, 
kicking for mages), you could only get to a certain level of competency.  

That's what I'd recommend.


   I have not yet added the above to my Circle code. I used it when we 
were still using the unstable (THANK GOD FOR JEREMY and CIRCLE CODE) 
KitMUD code.  I am waiting until 3.0 comes out to add in that stuff....


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