Skills and so!! (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 08/04/94 (Ake Jonsson) writes:
> Now is my question: 	Is there anyone out there sitting on some kind of
> 			"step by step" guidlines for adding the extra
> 			skills, spells...... and so on?

Here's how I would add a skill:

1) Rewrite the SPELLO macro in spell_parser so that it accepts
   arguments for thief and fighter minimum levels.  Then rewrite
   all the SPELLOs with the new arguments.

2) Rewrite the guild code so that it uses the SPELLO minimum
   levels for all classes, not just mages and clerics.

3) Add the skill number to the constants list (spell_parser.c?)

4) Add the skill code (my_mud.c)

5) Add the COMMANDO in interpreter.c

ADding a spell works the same way except that you end up adding
two functions, and you need to modify the parser a little.  And for
the "newbie" coders, I'm sure you'll find the code rewriting to be
an excellent introduction to Diku.


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