Looking for talented builders.

From: Joseph Traub (jtraub@zso.dec.com)
Date: 08/04/94

Are you interested in creating a completely original world for a dikumud?
Do you have area ideas that you want to see done, but don't want to waste
your talents building in environments of the same-old/same-old?
If so, then let's talk.

I'm going to be opening a dikumud in a very short while, and I do not want
to use any of the stock areas to populate it.  I'm looking to start with
2 zones geared toward levels 1-5, 2 zones geared toward levels 5-15, and
2 zones geared toward higher level players.

The server will be a circlemud 2.20 server 'out of the box' to begin with.
However, my intention is to migrate to circle 3.0 as soon as possible.
I also intend quite a lot of custom changes, but want to wait on them until
3.0 is released (if possible) so that I don't have to redo changes on two
widely disparate server sources.

So, if you are interested and are a talented, literate, and creative zone
designer, send me a SMALL sample of your building style, and tell me a bit
about what ideas you have for areas.

In case you are wondering who I am, I've been active in MUDS since the late
80s, and was one of the programmers for the tinyMUSH 2.0 project.  I also
maintained the american version of LPmud up until version 2.4.5.  I have
run many muds in the past on a variety of different servers, and they have
all been successful in my opinion.

So, if you have the time, the interest and the commitment to build an original
world for what will eventually be an original server, send me some mail and
we'll talk.


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