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From: VampLestat (
Date: 08/05/94

On Thu, 4 Aug 1994, Ake Jonsson wrote:

> Now is my question: 	Is there anyone out there sitting on some kind of
> 			"step by step" guidlines for adding the extra
> 			skills, spells...... and so on?

I'm not trying to sounds eliteist, but you really should learn to code 
first before trying to implement a mud.  While many people have certainly 
learned how to program because of their desire to implement a mud, its 
rather disconcerting seeing people just asking for a simple "step by 
step - how to add a new skill".  Next thing its gonna be the "Big Dummies 
Guide to Implementing your own DIKU?"

Pick up a good book on C and start reading and writing code.  Delve into
the mud code yourself and tweak things, play with it, recompile, watch it
crash horribly and then try again, but please dont ask people to do it all
for you, or give you the simple 7 step guide. 

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