Re: Skills and so!!

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 08/05/94

>I'm not trying to sounds eliteist, but you really should learn to code 
>first before trying to implement a mud.  While many people have certainly 
>learned how to program because of their desire to implement a mud, its 
>rather disconcerting seeing people just asking for a simple "step by 
>step - how to add a new skill".  Next thing its gonna be the "Big Dummies 
>Guide to Implementing your own DIKU?"
>Pick up a good book on C and start reading and writing code.  Delve into
>the mud code yourself and tweak things, play with it, recompile, watch it
>crash horribly and then try again, but please dont ask people to do it all
>for you, or give you the simple 7 step guide. 

Simple opinion statement: I _hardly_ think that asking for directions on what
steps are involved for something like new skills in a program as complex as
a MUD indicates any lack of coding knowledge on the part of the questioner.
I don't recall the person asking for code at all, in fact... more like
pointers to what parts of the code need to be included in the changes.  We
can't all be perfect coders who memorize exactly where every change needs
to go.

-Mathue Moyer

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