SKills and so!!(again)

From: Ake Jonsson (
Date: 08/05/94

You wrote:

> I'm not trying to sounds eliteist, but you really should learn to code 
> first before trying to implement a mud.  While many people have certainly 
> learned how to program because of their desire to implement a mud, its 
> rather disconcerting seeing people just asking for a simple "step by 
> step - how to add a new skill".  Next thing its gonna be the "Big Dummies 
> Guide to Implementing your own DIKU?"

Why not "Big Dummies Guide to Read Mail When Awake" ;)

> Pick up a good book on C and start reading and writing code.  Delve into
> the mud code yourself and tweak things, play with it, recompile, watch it
> crash horribly and then try again, but please dont ask people to do it all
> for you, or give you the simple 7 step guide. 
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What I ment was not "Send me some code, guys".

I was asking for guidelines in what I should do when adding a new
feature. :) 

It could look like this:

"First U do this" 
"and then U do this"
"but watch this and look out for this"

Do you get the idea??

I dont ask for complete code examples, what I asked for is some hints
in finding the right places to add my code. Circle is'nt just 1000 lines
ya' now :)

Mvh AkeJo


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