Skills and so!!

From: Ake Jonsson (
Date: 08/04/94

I am currently doing some changes in the circle code. Among other things
I am adding some levels. That was not a problem...
BUT there must be more to it than that:) I will add some more skills,
spells, classes and maybe some extra races too.

I've tried some of the examples shown on this list. Some worked fine,
and other did not.
for example, I followed The Chronicler's step by step help for skills
but when testing the skill(berserk from example) my char could learn
the skill and when he returned to the guild his knowledge in this skill
was "gone with the wind".

Now is my question: 	Is there anyone out there sitting on some kind of
			"step by step" guidlines for adding the extra
			skills, spells...... and so on?

Mvh AkeJo

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