Circle 3.0 (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 08/05/94 (Ake Jonsson) writes:
> Can I use the world, mob and obj files for cirlce 2.2 in 3.0? 

Yes... I think the only exception is if you have non-simple mobiles.

> And maybe the shop, rent and player files has to be changed?

The shop files do not have to be changed.  There is a version 3
format for shops that allows you to have infinite numbers of objects
produced or bought, and multiple rooms for the shop, but the old files
are compatible.  The shop documentation and a program to convert
old shop files to the new format can be found on the ftp site.

Rent files do need to be changed, I'm not sure about the player files.
I'm pretty sure Jeremy has written a conversion program to handle the
changes (with the exception of the mail file, which also needs to be

> If not, Why?

It's called progress.  So many people have been asking for so many things
that it's gotten impossible to add in all the new features without
modifying the structures.  That's the price you pay for using someone
elses code.


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