skills and stuff.

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 08/05/94


people are complaining that no one can code...and alot of this is true...BUT it
WAS our code and allow the code to be given.  So if we want TO
HELP people with their code (im glad you guys did when i had questions) why
care.  Getting back to that point...if we didnt have people doing code and then
letting us use it..there wouldt be this list, there wouldnt be circle mud
bases muds, and i wouldnt be attempting to write my own mud driver.  I thank
everyone (especially jeremy) who has given me...or showed me step by
to code so that i have grown beyond and become a semi-adept coder.

i know this sounds like 'why dont we all just get along' but if we could stop
bickering and work on code as a list....we could GET alot accomplished.

just my $.02

(btw: if anyone else wants any help that I can offer...ill do my best (still
cant figre what i fogrot to say on skills).


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