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Date: 08/05/94

On Thu, 4 Aug 1994, Mathue Moyer wrote:

> I suppose my stance would be that any class should have the
> ability to _attempt_ actions that, in their basest form, require
> no particular training.  However, without training to increase
> the effectiveness of such an action, there should be a HIGH
> chance of such an attempt being unsuccessful, and possibly even
> counter-productive.

You could then give every class a small percentage chance to use any 
skill.  The problem is that some people will attempt to abuse this and 
simply set macros to do the action until successful.

I think that while probably very unrealistic, splitting skills and spells 
up cleanly between the classes is a "good thing" because it encourages 
people to group together, rather than create single characters that can 
"do it all".  I've always felt that the need to group up with players 
from other classes was one of the best aspects of DIKU.

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