Date: 08/11/94

Just to keep Strange's longstanding rivalry with with Five Worl--er, 
HexOnyx(don't try to deny it, I've seen your cutesy messages on the
library board =) ), StrangeMUD is also running a circle beta release
and needs beta testers too. It is FAST FAST FAST and if there's a god on
they'll raise you a few levels and give you some equipment. 

So there: 4000

It's vanilla, so it's not pretty, but you're going to be there to bug
test anyways so it doesn't matter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        |       The Great Holy Star Goat
Kenneth G. Cavness                  |          is with all of us,
"Supreme Diva"                      |         braised be Its name.
"I'm pro-choice--please don't       |
shoot me in the back."              |     Braise the name of Our Lard!

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