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From: Brett M. Turner (
Date: 08/11/94

On Thu, 11 Aug 1994 wrote:

> Just to keep Strange's longstanding rivalry with with Five Worl--er, 

Who are you ... and what are you talking about.  =0

HexOnyx I'll never port to Circle 3.0, done far too much to 2.20.

I just had a spare site to test the circle code.  I don't expect the 
people who get this list to ever play a mud like yours.. or for that 
matter, mine.  They all (most) have thier own sites and problems.  I was 
simply trying to get warm bodies into a beta mud.. but if you want them 
at your mud then post to r.g.m.d... I'll happily yield.

> 4000

Go there sounds like a hoot!

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