Best OS for Circle 3.0?

From: Harold Marks (
Date: 08/13/94

I am in the process of making some decisions regarding setting up a MUD 
based on 3.0.  I have a 486DX2/50.  I have linux alraedy installed w/ 4 
Megs of Ram.  Apparently there is something with my SIMMs that will not 
run linux.  I can try and run FreeBSD with my 8 Megs of total RAM.  Now 
which would run faster Linux with 4 or FreeBSD with 8?  And would the 
increse in speed be worth using FreeBSD(I have not seen the user 
friendly-ness of FreeBSD).  And does Circle 3.0 run on FreeBSD?  Also I 
have a 14.4k modem rihgt now and was planning on hooking into the net 
through PPP, would this link be too slow to run a mud off of?  And if I 
bouhgt a 28.8 would that be fast enough?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions yall have....

thanks in advance

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