Re: Best OS for Circle 3.0?

From: Gene Choi (genie@sting.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 08/13/94

> I am in the process of making some decisions regarding setting up a MUD 
> based on 3.0.  I have a 486DX2/50.  I have linux alraedy installed w/ 4 
> Megs of Ram.  Apparently there is something with my SIMMs that will not 
> run linux.  I can try and run FreeBSD with my 8 Megs of total RAM.  Now 
> which would run faster Linux with 4 or FreeBSD with 8?  And would the 
> increse in speed be worth using FreeBSD(I have not seen the user 
> friendly-ness of FreeBSD).  And does Circle 3.0 run on FreeBSD?  Also I 
> have a 14.4k modem rihgt now and was planning on hooking into the net 
> through PPP, would this link be too slow to run a mud off of?  And if I 
> bouhgt a 28.8 would that be fast enough?
> I would appreciate any advice or suggestions yall have....
> thanks in advance

Listen, with 4 megs of RAM, you'll only have around 1 meg free to
play with once all the sys stuff loads up in linux.  Sure you could
swap out most of the that you don't use (like the 4 consoles), but
it will still be very painful, especially when you begin to swap
out the mud process itself (which will probably happen when you
start up).

Besides, you want to use a rock stable networking OS right?
Use FreeBSD instead.

Linux is cool, but not the networking aspect of it (yet).

(C)SLIPping over 14.4k should be ok for just a few people.
MAXIMUM ON YOUR CLEAN/DIRTY connection - most people can't)
it should be better.  But think about it this way.  When 10 people
are in combat with text travelling through a lowly link,
you're gonna get a lot of people complaining about net lag

Instead, take your machine to campus and plug in a cheap
ether board if possible.

Zima zux!

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