A Couple of Questions

From: Sean Mountcastle (smtcastl@liii.com)
Date: 08/14/94


   First off I wanted to know if anyone has had success in porting
circleMUD to Ms-Dos.  I have tried but it still has some problems.
(I've been using a merc based mud to see how they ported it - but circcle
is very different).  Anyway, please e-mail me if you have done it, I would like to know how you did it.  Also, does anyone know of a good area editor for DOS?
(This is also the main reason I'm trying to port circle to dos - so I can 
build areas).  I don't really like dikued or ae120, I like cartograph, because
you get a map of the area when you're finished, but I need some thing that will
function like a text editor (currently I'm using WP60, but it still takes A LOT
of time to produce decent areas).  If you know of a good one plz let me know -
or will On-Line Editing make all of this obsolete?
   Finally, this quesiton doesn't have much to do with circleMUD (and I'm sure
someone will flame me for asking this on a circleMUD mailing list, but I know
of no other way).  I have recently gotten a newreader, and was wondering how I
can post to the newpaper?  I tired the 'post' command but it brings me into vi
(or another editor of my choice) with a bunch of text at the top that I can't
touch and then when I send it it never gets posted to the newpaper (I think i
goes to the person to whom I was responding).  I would like to know - if possible, how to post a 'new' subject to r.g.m.d instead of it just going to the personwho's article I was just on.  Thanks in advance :)

						Sean Mountcastle
						a.k.a Glasgian  

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