From: Patrick Stecker (pstecker@huey.csun.edu)
Date: 08/24/94

	This might sound like a stupid question, but ... I made (long
ago) some mods etc and expanded it to 75 levels, and the autowiz worked
just fine.  Then I just recently expanded to 100 levels (original
intention, but wanted to do a little at a time).  Now the immlist and
wizlist don't work right.  I went into autowiz.c and changed the levels
accordingly as well as structs.h.  They all work fine except for
autowiz. I looked at the code a bit and got dizzy ;) so stopped.  I
can't figure out why it's not working.  When it initiates the autowiz,
it puts EVERYONE (who is above level 100 (101-104 are god levels)) as
"Implementor" and it places it in the immlist file.  Wizlist is missing
"implementor" and has "Greater God" "god" etc, but... It's probably
because I looked at the code and tried to fix it at 2 in the morning,
but I could use some help/suggestions.  Thanks.


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