Jeremy, how do you feel?

From: Harold Marks (
Date: 08/24/94

	Recently, I recieved an offer of a site to run my modified circle 
2.2 on.  This particular site is a commercial internet access provider.  
They have a system that they offer sites to some muds knowing that a 20 
person limit will be put on the game at any particular time.  In order to 
get on after the 20 person limit is filled, you must either wait for 
someone to get off, or pay a fee to the internet provider to gain 
access.  I used to play a DikuMUD at that had a similar 
situation, and I did not think the DikuMUD creators had a problem with 
this.  But in order to protect me and the provider, would the above 
situation break any part of your license?  And/or would you have a 
problem with a modified Circle going up under these conditions?

Thanks for your time and input.

PS:  I thought I would post this to the whole list in case others are in 
a similar situation.

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