Re: Jeremy, how do you feel? (fwd)

From: Harold Marks (
Date: 08/24/94

On Wed, 24 Aug 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> Harold Marks <> writes:
> > 	Recently, I recieved an offer of a site to run my modified circle 
> > 2.2 on.  This particular site is a commercial internet access provider.  
> > They have a system that they offer sites to some muds knowing that a 20 
> > person limit will be put on the game at any particular time.  In order to 
> > get on after the 20 person limit is filled, you must either wait for 
> > someone to get off, or pay a fee to the internet provider to gain 
> > access.  I used to play a DikuMUD at that had a similar 
> > situation, and I did not think the DikuMUD creators had a problem with 
> > this.  But in order to protect me and the provider, would the above 
> > situation break any part of your license?  And/or would you have a 
> > problem with a modified Circle going up under these conditions?
> This is a violation of the original DikuMUD license.  Under no circumstances
> may a provider make a profit using the Diku code.  It's the same thing as
> the TSR debate on rgmd.  Whether or not the provider is charging for the
> MUD, they're still using the code to gain a profit.
> -Jeff
This is not the answer I wanted to here, and to me it doesn't make any 
sense.  It is not forcing the players to pay for an account, it is the 
same as just putting a 20 person limit on because of lack of ram or 
something.  In fact the license is hurting poor site-less Implementors 
like me.  Oh jeeze, this legal stuff makes me sick, I just want to put up 
a mud and have my players enjoy it, but because of all this stupid legal 
red tape I am once again probably site-less.  *sigh*

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