Re: Jeremy, how do you feel? (fwd)

From: Doc (
Date: 08/24/94

> This is not the answer I wanted to here, and to me it doesn't make any 
> sense.  It is not forcing the players to pay for an account, it is the 
> same as just putting a 20 person limit on because of lack of ram or 
> something.  In fact the license is hurting poor site-less Implementors 
> like me.  Oh jeeze, this legal stuff makes me sick, I just want to put up 
> a mud and have my players enjoy it, but because of all this stupid legal 
> red tape I am once again probably site-less.  *sigh*

Well, there *is* a solution.  Simply sit down and spend a couple thousand
man-hours writing a new mudserver from scratch.  Then you can make up whatever
sort of license your heart desires.

Five people spent an INCREDIBLE amount of time developing Diku long before
Jeremy spent even more time turning into the best freely availible MUD
software availible.  Why should you (or anyone else, for that matter)
derive any profit from it?  They certainly havn't, as far as I can tell.
(Hey Jer, when do I get to come visit you at Stately Elson Manor?)


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