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From: Jeff (
Date: 08/25/94

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Harold Marks <> writes:
> On Wed, 24 Aug 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:
> > This is a violation of the original DikuMUD license.  Under no circumstances
> > may a provider make a profit using the Diku code.  It's the same thing as
> > the TSR debate on rgmd.  Whether or not the provider is charging for the
> > MUD, they're still using the code to gain a profit.
> > 
> This is not the answer I wanted to here, and to me it doesn't make any 
> sense.  It is not forcing the players to pay for an account, it is the 
> same as just putting a 20 person limit on because of lack of ram or 
> something.  In fact the license is hurting poor site-less Implementors 
> like me.  Oh jeeze, this legal stuff makes me sick, I just want to put up 
> a mud and have my players enjoy it, but because of all this stupid legal 
> red tape I am once again probably site-less.  *sigh*

There's no problem with setting up a 20 person limit, you just can't charge
(or have the company charge) to go past that.  And it makes perfect sense in
that your MUD is not your work.  It is the combined effort of MANY people,
including those involved in the original DikuMUD project.  If they don't
want to have their work used in pay-for-play scenarios (read: other people
making money from their work), so be it.


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