Re: Adding a field to the object data
Date: 08/26/94

> I was just wondering if anyone has added any extra fields to the object 
> files and if so whether or not it is a hard task.  

Yes, and it's not hard at all.

> I am asking this becuase I want to add a MIN_RENT_LEVEL (or something 
> like that) to all objects and I figure the easiest (?) way to do this 
> would be to add another field to the object file.  

I've not done this myself, but I did added a 'C' field which allows object
to directly set the player.affected.vector flags (see AFF flags in structs.h)
I did this because I wanted special artifacts int the game, such as a ring with permanent 'infravision'.

If you want to add something it's not difficult, go into the db.c and edit the
load objects routine. There's a case statement somewhere in the load routine that handles the 'A' (applies) and 'E' (extra desc) of object. Just add your stuff there.


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