Re: More copyright...

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 08/26/94

> On a rather bitchy note...WHY THE HELL DO ANY OF US CARE ABOUT ALL THIS
> LEGAL CRAP?!?  I mean, REALLY, do you think you guys are creating such a
> money making piece of software?!?  I understand we all put THOUSANDS of
> hours into our hobbies...BUT thats just what it is... A HOBBIE!!

Look, whether you like it or not, people are CHARGING for this software.
Your opinion of the money-making potential of Circle or any other MUD
is totally irrelevant, because the fact of the matter is that people are
ALREADY charging cash to use it.  The point of this argument is not to
take the moral high ground but to stop people who have already violated
the license from doing it again, and hopefully set a precedent which will
prevent other people from doing so in the future.

> I remember the good ole days on the net, when a copyright was a badge of
> honor, not some legal leverage device.  The copyright was respected by
> anyone who happened to come across your code and a pleasant collaboration
> usually ensued :)  I wish we could go back to those days...but with the
> DAWN of the information superhighway *yuck* hate that term, it seems good
> ole commercialism has reared its ugly head in our peaceful town :(

Do you think I ENJOY being embroiled in this kind of argument??  Do you think
I am dong this because I take pleasure from bringing legal and/or political
force to bear?  Anyone who knows me knows that I avoid politics at all costs,
which is one of the main reasons I do not run a MUD of my own (and never will

You seem to be accusing ME of commercialization when, in fact, everything I
have done has been specifically to *PREVENT* commercialization.

> Think about it...



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