Additional object AFFECT flags

From: Jean-Jack M. Riethoven, AgroSystems department (AB-DLO), Wageningen - NL, (+31) (J.J.M.RIETHOVEN@AB.AGRO.NL)
Date: 08/30/94

Hi there,

  The other day there was some request about the code that adds affect 
flags to objects. My brother Remko promised that I would post the code, 
so here it is. Based upon earlier discussions and examples in this list:

in db.c, go to parse_object()

look for the switch statement of the additional flags, then insert:
[the part between the #defines is the inserted code, the other is 

#ifdef HYPNO
** affect player flags (see AFF_XXX flags in structs.h )
** This allows players flags to be affected by an item, for example
** create a ring which gives the player permanent sense life when worn.
** Note: more 'C' fields are allowed because all found 'C' (set char bits)
**		   fields are added to the current values. (nice for builders who
**       don't want those large bitvector numbers in the obj file).
	 case 'C':
      get_line(obj_f, line);
      sscanf(line, "%d ", t);
      obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector = obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector | t[0];
    case '$':
    case '#':
      top_of_objt = i++;
      return line;
      fprintf(stderr, "Format error in %s\n", buf2);

--8< cut here 8<--

Ok, then make in one of your object files something like (values of 
flags may vary, depending on your situation, see structs.h):
Check out the C flag, that's the one that matters.
---8< snip, snip 8<----------

ring wedding~
Piney's wedding ring~
Piney's wedding ring is lying here.~
9 94664 16391
10 0 0 0
1 0 0
ring wedding~
This ring is a masterpiece! the shiny golden blue ring is attached to a
platinum cord and has an inscription of silvery symbols.
cord platinum~
The cord looks really strange as if it can grow and shrink.
silvery symbols~
Jade my beloved wife - the day of the Sun, month of the Old Forces 317

Hope it helps.


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