Obtaining USERIDs [was RE: Greetings]

From: BRiTiSH (clisowsk@mcs.kent.edu)
Date: 08/30/94

> On Tue, 30 Aug 1994, Naved Surve wrote:
>> In message <Pine.3.87.9408301054.G7351-0100000@scws3.harvard.edu>  you said:
>>> Several topics that are fresh in my mind now are:
>>> Resolving userid's with the code to enable ban to be more specific.
>> There is no universal way to do this.  IP does not transmit userid
>> information in its packets, so it is impossible to determine a userid
>> from a telnet connection.  On some machines which run identd, it is
>> possible to query the ident server to resolve a username.  The problem
>> is that only about 10% of machines run identd and there is a good
>> chance it will lag your server, much like the DNS can lag you when
>> resolving hostnames.

 Telnet does provide a way to obtain userid(s). There are two 
sub-negotiations provided for this. The first one is ENVIRON,
but there appears some sites reversed the implimentation, so 
they also added a NEW-ENVIRON.
 For more information check out the Telnet RFCS; 1571 and 1572
come to mind.

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