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Date: 09/02/94

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Subject: Re: CircleMud3.0?
Date: 2 Sep 1994 23:42:45 -0400
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<ujjflanigan@cc.memphis.edu> wrote:
>anyone know where or how i could get a copy a CircleMUD3.0?
>i want a copy to put on my pc to play around with.
>any info?

Circle 3.0 is still in beta-testing.  Actually, 3.0 beta patchlevel 3 was
just released this evening.  The beta copies are only being distributed to
a very limited set of people at the moment.

I did recently decide, though, that since people seem pretty anxious to
start playing around with 3.0, future beta releases will be made completely
public -- "public" meaning that anyone will be able to FTP a copy of the
beta code, but it will still be completely unsupported until the production

I haven't gotten much feedback on patchlevel 3 yet since it was only
distributed to the beta-test list a few hours ago, but it seems pretty
stable so far.  If all goes well, the next patchlevel should be the
public one.

The best place to be kept abreast of this info is definitely on the mailing
list, though, since I usually announce things there first.  It's at
circle@marble.bu.edu (mail circle-request@marble.bu.edu to subscribe).

Jeremy Elson
Internet: jelson@cs.jhu.edu; Bitnet: jelson@jhunix

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