Circle 3.0 patch level 3

From: Mr. Wizard (
Date: 09/02/94

On Fri, 2 Sep 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> <> wrote:
> >anyone know where or how i could get a copy a CircleMUD3.0?
> >i want a copy to put on my pc to play around with.
> >any info?
> Circle 3.0 is still in beta-testing.  Actually, 3.0 beta patchlevel 3 was
> just released this evening.  The beta copies are only being distributed to
> a very limited set of people at the moment.
> I did recently decide, though, that since people seem pretty anxious to
> start playing around with 3.0, future beta releases will be made completely
> public -- "public" meaning that anyone will be able to FTP a copy of the
> beta code, but it will still be completely unsupported until the production
> release.

Not to criticize, but I never understood this logic of making releases to 
limited numbers of people.  If people are anxious to try the code, and 
they understand it comes with bugs and such, why not just make every 
release public?  Its not _that_ much more troublesome to do.  People can 
upgrade as more versions are released.  *shrug*  Maybe I'm missing something.
> I haven't gotten much feedback on patchlevel 3 yet since it was only
> distributed to the beta-test list a few hours ago, but it seems pretty
> stable so far.  If all goes well, the next patchlevel should be the
> public one.

I've been trying it for the past few hours and it seems stable enough.  
We did have one unexplained crash, but everything else seems nice.  The 
string command seems to be disabled.  Things left out are on-line 
creation and saves of aliases after quit, but that was purposeful I take it.

One small suggestion to make houses more dynamic is to not restrict them 
to rooms with only one exit.  One nice use of the house code is to make 
guilds, and other private buildings with members on the guest list.  This 
would also allow for private rooms within a private building (just one 
person on the guest list).  There are lots of uses, but restricting it to 
rooms with only one exit makes it less dynamic.  (I'll change it after it 
is released if you don't care to.)

I'll let you know if I find anything else.
> The best place to be kept abreast of this info is definitely on the mailing
> list, though, since I usually announce things there first.  It's at
> (mail to subscribe).
> Jeremy
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> Jeremy Elson
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Almost forgot.  Enabling quit to save location as well as equipment is a 
nice mod for people who like to disable rent.  I know you are looking 
more for bugs at this point that new ideas, but altering houses and quit 
is not like adding a whole new feature.

Good luck with it.

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