Re: Circle 3.0 Patch Level 3

From: Patrick Stecker (
Date: 09/03/94

>Not to criticize, but I never understood this logic of making releases
>to limited numbers of people.  If people are anxious to try the code,
>and they understand it comes with bugs and such, why not just make
>every release public?  Its not _that_ much more troublesome to do. 
>People can upgrade as more versions are released.  *shrug*  Maybe I'm
>missing something.

	Reason is (Correct me if I'm wrong), that no matter how many
times you say "This is a BETA release, there are bugs" etc etc, you're
email will ALWAYS get flooded with "This doesn't work!!  This doesn't
work!!  Why are there bugs?  I found a bug, why is it there" etc etc.  I
used to run a bbs and I'd release beta versions of a game I made with
the understanding that it was buggy, I stated it in the program itself,
in a text "readme" file, and the post/file_id.diz etc etc.  But I stil
get a bunch of complaints rather than constructive bug reports etc.
Jeremy seems to be a busy man and I don't blame him for doing it
(Although I would LIKE for it to be publically released so I can modify
the living daylights out of this vanilla code :), but I understand where
he's coming from).  It may not be troublesome to do so at first, but
when you get 10000 mail in one day about some silly question that
could've been answered by reading the readme file, etc, it becomes a
burden and nothing gets done because he's busy answering mail or reading
mail.  Jeremy, if this is not the reason, then tell me to shut up ;).  

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