Re: Circle 3.0 Patch Level 3

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 09/03/94

> 	Reason is (Correct me if I'm wrong), that no matter how many
> times you say "This is a BETA release, there are bugs" etc etc, you're
> email will ALWAYS get flooded with "This doesn't work!!  This doesn't
> work!!  Why are there bugs?  I found a bug, why is it there" etc etc.  I
> used to run a bbs and I'd release beta versions of a game I made with
> the understanding that it was buggy, I stated it in the program itself,
> in a text "readme" file, and the post/file_id.diz etc etc.  But I stil
> get a bunch of complaints rather than constructive bug reports etc.
> Jeremy seems to be a busy man and I don't blame him for doing it
> (Although I would LIKE for it to be publically released so I can modify
> the living daylights out of this vanilla code :), but I understand where
> he's coming from).  It may not be troublesome to do so at first, but
> when you get 10000 mail in one day about some silly question that
> could've been answered by reading the readme file, etc, it becomes a
> burden and nothing gets done because he's busy answering mail or reading
> mail.  Jeremy, if this is not the reason, then tell me to shut up ;).  

Yes, this is exactly the reason.  In particular, I try to restrict beta
copies to people who know how to CODE - otherwise, betas will just seem
hopelessly broken to them.

I still get beta applications from people who say their MUD admin experience
is, "Well, I was immort on BazookaMUD for 5 years and CO-IMP of BarfMUD!!!!"
Wow, congratulations on being able to learn wizard commands, but for beta-
test versions you need to be able to _code_.


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