Re: Circle 3.0 Patch Level 3

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 09/03/94

> So its an e-mail issue then.  I guess I could buy that reasoning 
> (maybe).  Although numbers like 10,000 sound like an exaggeration to me.  :)

Yeah, well, you haven't seen my inbox lately.

> Perhaps releasing versions without Jeremy's address attached to them 
> would solve that problem (if it exists).  All I know is that a lot of 
> people have been waiting to use, debug and get involved with circle 3.0 
> (or any other circle improvements) for a _long_ time now.  

Well, it's silly to distribute stuff without an Email address, IMHO.  For
something like a MUD, I really just don't think it makes sense to even try
to publically release a half-cooked product.  The main reason I decided to
start releasing betas is because their "beta-ness" comes more from missing
features than it does from bugs.

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